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1360 and rising!

Posted on September 07 2016

Its hard to keep up with the river master. He (she) has been increasing the release from Cannonsville twice a day to meet minimum flow at Montague. The West Branch is now difficult to wade in most places. The big river is cool to Lordvill and below. It is only a matter of time until the fish repopulate the lower river. There were seven anglers at Buckingham tonight. From what I saw they out numbered the fish. One guy caught a nice rainbow on a streamer. I saw on fish boil in my allotted space. Left to check out Lordville and was glad I did. The water was covered with ants of all sizes. The fish? Were no where to be seen.

It takes time for fish to relocate. They want the cold water to be the real thing, they have probably been fooled by "thermal releases" before.

An overcast sky and some cool rain would sure help matters. The fish in the big east and lower Beaverkill are still in thermal refuges, don't bother looking there.

Have spent most of the week doing chores around the camp that have waited patiently for a lull in the fishing. Checked my log books and find an eerie similarity between this year and last. Last year the fishing died and never did get going again. I'm heading home for a few days to take care of chores there and will resume reports when I have something meaningful to talk about.


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