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A change of pace hits the spot.

Posted on June 10 2020

With the warm weather likely to put the freestones over 70, thunderstorms predicted for early evening and my wife due to arrive at noon with clippers and scissors there was no choice but to fish early.

Found fish feeding on a morning sulfur spinner fall.  The feeding lasted about an hour and a half  after my arrival (they were going when I got there) and after finding what they wanted to eat, was into fish, one after another.

After the haircut and an early dinner we enjoyed a leisurely drive along most of the two branches and the lower couple miles of the BK. There were fishermen in every pool on the UE and a few anglers fishing  the BK and BE (both of which were over 70 degrees).  There were lots of fishermen  wading and floating  the WB and the BR down to Buckingham.

The rains that came this afternoon and evening were hit and miss coloring some of the tribs while leaving others low and clear. At 9:00 pm the effect on the river flows was minimal.  There are more storms forecast for tonight and what effect they have on water levels remains to be seen. 

A half day of fishing, a haircut,  an early dinner and relaxing drive with my wife was a great way to spend the day.


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