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A comeuppance!

Posted on April 22 2016

It had been seven days of really good fishing, capped off by the 11/11 outing on Wednesday.  I might have been a little full of myself.

Then there was today.  The fishermen who took Tuesday and Wednesday off returned in force - the weather got hot again - the breeze actually felt good as I got heated up walking up and down stream banks looking for risers (there weren't any). I drove from Hancock to Roscoe and Downsville and back.  I could count the rises I saw  without taking off my socks and shoes. The bugs were outnumbered  over 1,000 to 1 by the fluffy little seeds from the Sycamore trees.  There were some caddis egg layers over the water but the fish payed them no mind.

I don't know if the WB and the Big River fished the same (I suspect they did) but I sure saw a lot of fishermen sitting on rocks waiting for " it" to happen.

While driving back to the camp a funny thought went through my mind. I've been fishing for over sixty years.  I've been skunked many times. today I had fifteen minutes of action on a small pool on the Upper East. during the "peak" of the Hendrickson hatch. In it I hooked three fish and landed two.  Thirty five years ago they would have been the two biggest fish I had ever caught on a dry fly.

Heading home for a few days.  I expect parts of the river are entering the dreaded " doldrums". Don't despair March Browns will soon be there.


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