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A frost warning would be better than a flood watch.

Posted on September 22 2021

 If there was a bug hatch on the river system, one thing was for sure, A-119 didn't see it. It was windy but that wasn't even a good excuse. The wind was from the south at ten to twenty. The rivers run basically east and west so there are plenty of places where the hills let you get out of the wind - and I did. It was 78 degrees on the car thermometer and that is way too warm for fall bugs. They just never showed up. They cut back the release from Cannonsville by almost 400 cfs and it opened up much of the WB and some of the BR for wade fishermen. If any of you got into places where the drop in flow turned the fish on let us know 'cause I sure didn't. 

The fishing- For me, was dreadful. Never cast at a rising fish. There were no olives, isos could be counted on one hand and the few white flies I saw never attracted a rise. The only salvation was that I was able to get five fish to come to blind casts. Three ate and they all stayed on to be netted. The best was a fat and sassy 16 inch rainbow. The only good thing I can say about the evening fishing on the BR  was that the wind kept the mosquitoes in the bushes.

Once again there is a flood watch and if we get the predicted rain I will head home and put up my tree stands.


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