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A get away day.

Posted on July 19 2017

Drove over to the UEB this morning to see if the tricos were going yet.  They aren't.

After yesterday's stint  in the "sulfur zone", I opted for the quiet and solitude of the UEB.  It's low and clear and if there are two anglers in a pool no one catches any fish.  I didn't have to worry, the only angler I saw was sitting on a fold up chair streamside smoking a cigar.

There were a few fish feeding on a modest mix of olives and sulfurs when I arrived about 2:00.  The feeding seemed to intensify for about a couple of hours then both the bugs and fish called it a day.  It's fussy fishing for trout that are mostly between 10 and 12 inches long.  They run and jump like their big brothers and their colors are something an artist can only dream of duplicating.

Did you notice the word "mostly" in the last paragraph?  Well if you keep your eyes open, are quiet and send out no wakes, sometimes big brother will drop in to snack on a few tasty flies.  Today a couple of them did.

Closed out the day in a cold water spot where I saw cornutas and feeding fish just last week.  Got there about 8:00 and didn't see my first cornuta until the sun was off the tops of the hills.  It was several minutes later before it go going but when it did WOW.  If I could make twilight last for three hours and sell it to fishermen, I'd be set for life.


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