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A high pressure day.

Posted on August 05 2017

Was it a "Hendrickson wind" in August or a precursor of the Fall winds to come?  Doesn't matter, it wasn't fun to fish in. The first day of high pressure after a low is always a good day to mow the lawn, do the wash, pay the bills and cross a few items off the honey do list.  Today was no exception.

With overnight rain and a stiff breeze in the morning, I took a pass on the Trico fishing. Worked around the camp and tied flies until about two.

With the wind up over 20 and the WB up over 1000 CFS from the rain, I headed once again to the UEB to try to get out of the wind.  Found a semi protected spot with olives on the water and some of the smaller fish  feeding on them (not many 18 inch fish get worked up about a modest hatch of size 20 olives).  The fish were hard to catch with the wind blowing the fly either five feet upstream or downstream from the intended target.  It being the weekend, there was also an abundance of canoes and kayaks coming down the river all of which went courteously behind me.

Left the UEB about 6:30 and drove around  for about an hour looking for a place to close out the day. Saw surprisingly few fishermen and very few boats.  Settled on a place mid way down the WB.  The wind went down with the sun.  No flies hatched, no fish rose and I waded back to the car aided by the light of the August full moon.

A 16 inch brown easily won fish of the day.


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