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A Loony Day !!!

Posted on June 07 2015

It started off cloudy and calm.  It quickly became bright and sunny.
The wind blew out of the north at ten. The barometer went straight up.
The the fish went down. There were no risers. There were no bugs. The
fishermen were as thick as maggots on a road kill.

I caught my first fish, a nice 16 inch rainbow at 10:00AM. I caught my
second (and last ) fish, a nice 16 inch brown (if you are wondering,
any trout that eats my fly is nice)  at 9:15PM.  All told I tried
seven different places on three different rivers, patched a leak
(hopefully) in the porch roof, took down the storms, put up the
screens and cleaned both porches.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there was an adult "Common Loon" fishing the
middle part of Barrel Pool on the Beaverkill.  After watching the loon
and the six other fishermen fishing Barrel Pool, my money was on the


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