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A matter of pride.

Posted on September 03 2019

Have to admit my ego was a little bruised by the results of my Sunday/Monday fishing. Got up with the intention of putting things right. Had breakfast, packed a lunch and left the camp with the temp 62 degrees. Plenty of time to get to the UE before the trico spinner fall. The trico "hot spot" already had three cars parked and I didn't even bother to slow down. Farther up stream I found an empty pool where I actually saw several tricos. There were rising fish from the get go but they weren't feeding on tricos they were eating midges. I have lots of midges in my trip boxes but none in my vest. Had to do some judicious pruning of my smallest flies to get in the game. Some of the fish ate my cobbled flies like it was just what they were looking for, while others ignored my offerings. All in all it made for three hours of fussy fishing and if I had quit then it would have been a good day.

Ate my lunch and drove farther up the UE to where the sulfurs and olives are hatching. Most of the pools had a fisherman in them. Ended up walking quite a ways to find a pool sans fishermen. It was worth it. The bugs came and the fish fed. They liked my olives better than my sulfurs but I caught fish on both. About 4:30 the hatch slowed down and I headed back to the camp to rest up before hitting the BR.

Started to water the new grass when I noticed that there were big flying ants all over the ground. Left the watering 'til later and headed for the BR. When I got there the water was covered with the smallest flying ants I've ever seen (maybe they shrink in the water). Walked up the length of a riff and into the tailout of a big pool before seeing risers. First two were fall fish but then I got into trout that didn't seem to mind a bit that my flies were a little bigger than the ones on the water.

Each one of the stops produced more fish than my efforts on the previous two days combined. A 19.5 inch ant eating brown won fish of the day and I got my mojo back.


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