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A nip in the air

Posted on August 26 2015

No there wasn't a frost.  It wasn't really that cold (53 here), but the sun took it's sweet time burning through the fog and when it did it didn't do much of a job warming things up. My trico fishing which one day last week started at seven am, didn't get going until after ten ( most of the spinners don't fall until the temp approaches seventy) and it lasted until almost two. I was in deep water for over three hours and drove home with the heater on.

This evening I was undecided about where to go.  The WB has been fished hard and the fish look at every fly carefully  before eating. The big river is where I want to fish but warm water temps limit the options there. Drove in to junction pool and with only two anglers in the water, was tempted to fish there. Decided to look at the WB first
and ."maybe" come back.  I never did. Saw olives and rising fish in a down river pool and fished there. Had countless ignores, a few refusals, but landed over a handful of quality fish before I had to call it a day.  I was in deep water again and  with no sun and a light breeze it was definitely more than a "two shirter".

As I type this I have a fire going in the stove and am beginning to thaw out.


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