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Posted on May 26 2017

Decided to give the BR a try down at Callicoon.  Fished it years ago whenever water levels permitted.  In the past few years there have been so many boats floating the lower river that I have found other places more enjoyable.

This year with the extreme high water and now the doldrums the lower river has been lightly fished.  Once the bugs start you can count on an armada fishing down there.

The bugs?   Hardly any.  Saw a few sulfurs on the water late.  If march browns and gray foxes hatched it was earlier in the day.  No sign of drakes.

The fishing?   Didn't arrive until 6:30 and found one angler above the bridge and one boat anchored below it.  Drove up river about a mile and watched as another boat with spin fishermen rowed past.   There was very little surface activity so I ended up blind casting a gray fox.  Hooked and landed a small brown and hooked two large 'bows.  Landed the first and lost the second when it got around a branch that was wedged under a rock. The bugs never got going well enough to get fish up.

If you've never fished the lower river it would be best to get acquainted during the day.  Park at the Shell station by the bridge, head upstream and wade carefully. There probably aren't as many fish down there but they eat more readily and are a handful in the big water.

Saw my first fawn side of the road on the way back.  Saw two yearlings in the yard yesterday.  Just a week ago they were their with mom.  She probably has dropped her new fawns and the yearlings are on their own.  Drive carefully, abandoned yearlings are wandering around at all hours and without mom they have no idea how to cross roads.


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