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A quiet day at camp.

Posted on August 27 2020

 Today didn't turn out exactly as planned, it rarely does.  With rain overnight, a forecast for afternoon thunderstorms and a further threat of severe weather the porch fascia board didn't get painted.  The temp was again back up into the 80's with high humidity and a strong south wind.  

With the painting on hold I tied up some spinners and then took a drive up to the WB.  The nighttime temperature of the Cannonsville release has been creeping up the last few days which means that the water below the thermocline has been used up. Because we are almost into September this poses no threat to our cold water fishery.  What it will do, however, is send the silty water that has been in suspension above the thermocline out into the WB making it increasingly muddy as the days go on. You can already see the start of the color change.

Walked out on the town bridge and watched a couple of nice browns come up and eat sulfur duns.  Got back in the car and drove up to the red barn where two fishermen were out in the pool having at'em.  There were bugs on the water but very few risers. Bought corn at the little farm stand just downstream and headed back to Lordville.  Jean is coming down and I found I had little trouble passing up the fishing.

If we get enough rain out of today's storms or the remnants of the hurricane it will freshen the rivers and start the trout moving back to their long term haunts.  If the rivers aren't blown out by today's rains I'll give it a go tomorrow and let you know if I find anything to write home about.


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  • Greg: August 28, 2020

    BTW bought the corn at the Red Barn last week and it was really really good. Didn’t even need butter.

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