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A taste of humble pie.

Posted on May 13 2020

Have to admit I was a tad full of myself when I left camp at 12:30 today.  The last six days of fishing were solid.  Had bugs and rising fish each day with no one around to hear me speak harshly to the wind. Being in the right place at the right time was just me being me.

Until today.  Today started out colder but quickly warmed up in the bright sunshine. The wind at about 10 mph was but a trivial matter.  Water temp hit the magic 50 degrees a bit early and sure enough a few Hendricksons and apple caddis started to hatch.  Sat on a log and waited for the hatch to get rolling and the fish to start eating.  Maybe they did but if so it was after I was long gone.

Drove over 80 miles along the river system, stopping often to glass the river looking for bugs and risers. Found a few places with bugs, lots of fishermen and very few risers.  By five thirty one fish had eaten my fly ( he gave it back on his first jump). Decided to drive back to Lordville on the PA side of the big river to have a look at Buckingham.  Seventeen trailers and one pickup parked there.  There was one wade angler upstream from the ramp and he had a fish on.  Saw a couple of risers, and a few Hendricksons and apple caddis on the water.  Decided to fish!

How'd I do?  Better than the rest of the day for sure.  It was easy to see why there were so many trailers.  Even with just a few bugs there were risers, not a lot but enough. Most of the fish were the two year olds that I've been blathering about.

The difference in the number of fishermen from yesterday to today was astounding!  Never looked at the WB but the Shehawken parking lot was full of trailers.  Balls Eddy was no  doubt even busier.  The only drift  boat that went by me had three people in it.  Please don't be stupid, come alone, don't share a room or a boat and don't endanger yourself, your fishing friends or the people who live here.


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