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Adieu, Au revoir, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios

Posted on September 26 2021

No, I haven't closed the Lordville Estate or even taken my gear out of the car but deer season opens Friday and it's pretty much time to move on. If I'm down at the camp fishing, I'll write, but reports are likely to be both sporadic and intermittent.

The eastern side of the system remains very high and even without any additional precipitation it will probably be a week or more before you can safely wade the BK. The maxed out release from Pepacton  coupled with runoff from the most recent rains pouring in from the tribs makes the UEB also too high for waders. The EB below jaws  at 2,900 and the BR  at 5,900, are both floatable by experienced boaters but way to deep to wade.

If you are familiar with the WB and know the levels you can safely wade as, it is now down below 2,000. There are several places I can fish at that level but I'm probably not going to. Why? The Cannonsville release is at 1,400 and the accumulated silt is being pulled out of the reservoir. It doesn't hurt the fishing but reduced visibility makes wading more dangerous. Under present conditions fishing is best done from a boat with an experienced oarsman.

While the excessive heat and rainfall since early July has had a negative impact on the fishing this summer, it offers hope for the future.  The summer of 2018 also had very high water but resulted in the survival of an enormous year class of fish (those 15/16 inchers) everyone has been catching. Assuming a good survival rate, this years class will either provide food for the 2018 year class or good fishing for us all in a couple of years.

With people moving on to fall activities I thought I'd take the opportunity now to thank everyone who has participated in the blog during the last six years for adding their comments. As I've said before it has made it more fun for me. To those who have just been readers, I hope you have learned things that have made you better fishermen. That was why I started the blog in the first place. It's been fun writing and April is a long ways off, but right now I kinda feel like Angler 119's pen is running out of ink.

Heading out this morning to change the chips in my two trail cams. Two days ago I brought the chips in for the first time. One camera wasn't working. The second  had a picture of a beautiful 10 pointer staring at the camera as if to say "Oh it's that time of year again".  


  • David: October 01, 2021

    Long time reader, first time commenter…thanks for entertaining and educating us ! Best CDC flies in the game. See you next May : )

  • Greg Tarris: September 29, 2021

    Since this year I was barely able to get out due to family illness, just reading you daily update made me feel that I was still out there. I guess living vicariously isn’t all bad. Thank you so much for having giving me something to check in with every day.

  • Markus: September 27, 2021

    Thank you so much!!!

  • Douglas E Dorman: September 27, 2021

    Have a safe hunting season and thanks for the blog reports. I enjoyed it and it’s very helpful.

  • Chapper : September 27, 2021

    Great read as you said time for bow hunting now

  • Ed Smith : September 26, 2021

    Angler 119. Thanks for a great season of reports ,advice and enjoyable reading. Hope to hear more from you before the fishing comes to a complete end. If not , have a wonderful winter. All My Best. Ed Smith

  • Dennis: September 26, 2021

    A119 have a great deer season!! I’ve had my best year of fly fishing ever on the Delaware system. Your tips and advice have helped me immensely this year. I am not giving up on the fishing yet!! I have a steelhead trip planned in October and I plan to hit the WB and BK when things slow down on the rivers.
    I am taking my son on a archery deer hunt in Ohio this year to a place we have hunted before. It’s a great place and even better people.
    Please be safe and I’ll check the blog often!!!!!
    Thank you again for all your help with my fishing🎣🎣

  • Keith : September 26, 2021

    Thanks for another season of reports, tips, and enjoyable prose. Looking forward to following along in 2022.

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