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Adrenalin is no friend of the dry fly fisherman.

Posted on June 29 2020

Returned to the "Lordville Estate" after a relaxing weekend back in Lafayette. Arrived at 8:30 this morning and painted until noon.  Had lunch and got occupied putting the food and clean clothes away, filling bird feeders, watering the orchids and before I knew it it was 2:00.

Set out for the WB where I enjoyed good fishing last week.  First stop was one of my secret places - the Hale Eddy Bridge.   Walked out on the bridge and saw a few sulfurs hatching.  No risers but also no fishermen. After 45 minutes it was evident that there was a reason - no feeding fish.  Reeled it in and headed up to Deposit. Runs that had wade fishermen lined up like a picket fence last Friday had nary a fisherman.  Stood on the Deposit town bridge and saw no one fishing upstream or down. Tried the riff/ run/ pool above the bridge for a little over an hour.  There were a few bugs and an occasional riser. Caught some yearling rainbows (about 8 inches) and one nice 16 inch rainbow. Dark clouds and rumbles of thunder sent me to the car and back to camp at 4:30

About 7:00 I headed out again and decided to pay a visit to the Upper East branch (UE).  Haven't spent much time fishing there because of the number of fishermen crowding into the pools.  Today found the UE basically deserted.  Tried two of my favorite pools and now know why no one is fishing them - no bugs and no rising fish. Stayed in the second pool until dark and when some  sulfur spinners hit the water a few fish started to feed.  With a full days supply of  Adrenalin  coursing through my veins, I cast to a good feeding fish. The fly landed in the feeding lane and drifted towards the fish, "Let him take it, just let him take it", I heard my self say.  He took it and will be at the chiropractor tomorrow for the wrenched neck he got when I ripped the fly out of his mouth.

Saw a plethora of sulfur nymph shucks in the WB at 2:30.  The question is - When and where are they hatching?   



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