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Afternoon sulfurs were seen on the upper WB

Posted on June 25 2020

The trim painting  seems to be settling in as a morning job.  Since I didn't like painting in near 90 degree heat mid afternoon, the decision was an easy one.  With the freestones (BK, BE and BR) up in the 70 most of the day, the fish have either left the rivers or are in thermal refuges and should not be fished to.  The two branches are full of both fish and cold water .  The water is so cold that there is usually little bug hatching early mornings (until tricos) and the sulfurs are  now hatching mid day in the upper WB in sufficient numbers to get fish up and feeding.

Left camp about 1:00 and joined four wade anglers and one drift boat in a pool above Hale Eddy. One of the wade anglers turned out to be an old/ old friend (old in terms of both years fishing  and years known).  With rising trout all around us we matched wits with the feeding trout. If the trout were awarded a point for each refusal and the anglers got  three points for every fish caught, we got hammered.  Yes we caught fish, a few bigger ones but mostly two year olds. Most of the time, however, the trout had no trouble sorting out the fake flies.  One of the other anglers shouted in exasperation "That's the fifth straight fish I've missed", if you were very quiet you could hear the trout laughing. Regular readers know, a trout never misses a fly it wants to eat.

Can't say for sure the sulfurs will be hatching mid afternoon every day but it's sure worth a look.  Have also heard unconfirmed rumors of good evening sulfurs in the lower WB. If you don't find mid afternoon fishing, it's a long day with all the action from 8:00 until dark (about 9:15). 


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