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All My Life’s a Circle…

Posted on November 08 2023

Headed down to the Lordville Estate about nine this morning after watching a nice buck decided  not to tend the scrape I was perched above. Drove through Deposit where the Troutfitter Shop was dark and closed for the season. My fishing equipment did not make the trip. Had far too many things to do in the few hours of daylight we are currently being allotted.

The doe with two fawns was in the backyard when I arrived and was joined by the orphaned button buck who spends his time either bedded down in my flower garden or walking around under the peach trees looking for the peaches he grew so fond of in September.

Arrived with a trailer full of wood hitched to Jean's car (it has the trailer hitch) and spent the first hour replenishing the wood I burned this season. As if by magic both wood piles topped out just below the garage windows. Was interrupted by the button buck who walked up between the house and the garage and stood watching the wood stacking operation. A river friend and fellow Lordville fisherman  stopped by to review the season and the mail lady tooted and waived as she went by.

With the wood stacked, I went into the camp, washed the kitchen and bathroom floors and commenced the water draining process. Once it was underway, I got out the ladder and blew out the gutters, put up the storm windows, and started in on the leaves. When the battery operated blower ran out of juice I started up the lawn mower and cut up both the remaining leaves and the grass. The kitchen clock said 5:08 when I loaded the last box of miscellaneous items into the car and headed for home. Was surprised when I noticed the clock in the car said it was only 4:08, then I remembered a couple years ago when I made the same mistake (the camp clock refuses to fall back), and actually had time to get in a couple of hours of productive fishing. 

It's been a good season, didn't catch as many fish as the last three years but more than enough to keep me satisfied. I'm only sorry that the season seems to spin by faster every year while the bonefish less winter months now seem to drag. Have had fun writing the blog and even more fun reading the comments from those of you trying to solve the Delaware's many mysteries. Hopefully we'll all get together again when fishing season rolls around next April.  


  • Brian C. : November 23, 2023

    Angler 119, I am feeling very thankful to you for taking the time and energy to write the blog so frequently and for so many years now- sharing your experiences and wisdom with such candor. i find fishing the Delaware to be one of my life’s most challenging and fun endeavors. When I fish I often reflect on your words and lessons, and not so infrequently when I finally hook up with a fish I feel like it I did it standing on your shoulders (if that makes any sense). Hope you enjoy the winter and hook into many beautiful bonefish! I wouldn’t mind if you posted on the blog a little bit during the “offseason” if you get the urge :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  • Jason: November 17, 2023

    Thanks for another great season.

  • Ed Smith: November 16, 2023

    Angler119. Gave it one last try yesterday on the BK and Willow. Nothing doing until around 3 then a sparse bwo hatch brought the fish up for about a half hour. Landed 3 browns -2 11”ers and 13”er on a # 22 olive dun. Given the 10 day forecast I think the fat lady has sung. As Yogi said” It ain’t over till it’s over”. It’s over. Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy and healthy New Year . Ed

  • Ed M.: November 11, 2023

    Angler119, thanks for another year of great reports and stories. You are the anchor that keeps me connected to my favorite fly fishing spots. Have a happy healthy Winter.

  • Terry Ross: November 11, 2023

    Move over Ed Zern and Sparse Grey Hackle. There’s a new sheriff in town! Great writing amigo

  • Terry Ross: November 11, 2023

    Move over Ed Zern and Sparse Grey Hackle. There’s a new sheriff in town! Great writing amigo

  • John G: November 11, 2023

    Angler119 – Thank you for letting me know when the fishing is on, for encouraging exploration of new areas, and for your enjoyable style of writing that leaves enough mystery to warrant a second or third reading.
    I wouldn’t mind buying a few of your flies some time – the fish seem to like them more than the ones I use.
    Still waiting for your next book!

  • Frank Pace Jr.: November 10, 2023

    A119 thanks so much for the help all these years. Dave @ Troutfitter is wonderful guy, and you have taught him how to be a great angler. The fishing on the Delaware river system is some of the best on earth. I am grateful for you old-timers, [You, Adrian Lasorte, Joe from NYC {RIP}, and Don the retired state cop.] You all inspire and lead a group of fishermen and women like no other on earth. Hopefully I get to see your during the Suphurs next year. I will try not to bother you too much.

  • JohnH: November 09, 2023

    Best wishes to both you and Jean for a happy and healthy holiday season and winter break. I hope to run into you next year on the river.

    Thank you for everything you do to help me and others on the system. I know it’s made my fishing life easier in many way.

    I do have one more question….when will the green drakes hatch next year? :-)

  • Matt Morlock : November 09, 2023

    A119 , thanks so much for writing this blog. It’s very entertaining and informative. Looking forward to spring fishing already! Thanks again Matt

  • Mike Agostinho: November 09, 2023

    Thanks again for the fishing reports, jokes and stories of the Lordville estate. I do enjoy hearing about the animals as well as your catches.

    Stay safe this winter and enjoy the holidays and time with your family.

    Take care! – Mike

  • James : November 09, 2023


  • Ed Smith: November 09, 2023

    Thanks Dennis. Hope You and Jim N have a great winter . I’m also looking forward to seeing you ,next season. Take care. Ed

  • D Martin: November 08, 2023

    It’s always a pleasure, A119, and did someone say Perfect Manhattan? I learned to make them when I was 15, tending bar at neighborhood parent parties. I don’t drink hard stuff anymore, myself, but I’m glad to help out those who do! All the best to the hardworking fishermen out there who ply the Big D and all her feeders. Good hunting to everyone; it’s bird time for me, and may we all feel that big first burly fish come April!

  • Dennis: November 08, 2023

    A119 have a great winter and thanks for all your valuable
    Tips. Have a good deer season and I hope you purchased a ladder stand!!!
    Stay well and travel safe to Florida!!!
    PS. Ed and Jim have a great winter and let’s meet again next year!!!

  • Ed Smith: November 08, 2023

    Angler119-Wishing You and your Family happy and healthy winter. Thanks again for all your wonderful informative and entertaining blogs and help this past season. All My Best Ed

  • JimN: November 08, 2023

    Have a great winter A119.

    It was great to meet you this year and as always read your blog each day. I look forward to catching up next year maybe over a Perfect Manhattan?

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