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Posted on October 08 2023

If anyone is wondering, I'm back in Lafayette. After enjoying a delightful dinner last night at Indian Springs Club (my neighbors just up Warren Road) I went to bed hoping that the front would coold things down enough to get some bugs hatching. Alas, when I awakened at 7:15 the air temp was still in the 60's.

Spent the morning putting away my fly tying materials (love the smell of moth balls) and checked off several items on the camp close down list. At noon I decided to drive over to Roscoe to replenish some hooks that were running low. Was surprised to see muddy water at Fish's Eddy (my check of water levels at 7:00 gave no evidence of heavy rains). At East Branch, the East Branch was clear and the BK was muddy and high. When I got to the Cooks Falls/Horton exit the BK was low and clear with fishermen lined up fishing Cemetery and several other pools. At the Roscoe exit the Willow looked like it was just about out of it's banks (2,500 cfs). Got my hooks, returned to the Lordville Estate, packed up and headed for home. In doing so I drove by the WB which was still low and fishable. The Susquehanna was also relatively clear while the little creek just north of Binghamton was a raging torrent.

If it's not raining in the morning, I'll be out in a tree with my stick and string. A return to the Delaware is dependent on so many variables it's not worth talking about. If you are going, aim for the WB or the UEB if you aren't coming for a couple of days. But be sure to check the flows before leaving home. 


  • j: October 10, 2023


  • John H: October 09, 2023

    Thank you again for another season of real information and good humor. It’s my first click each morning that you post.

    Good luck deer hunting. and please keep us posted on the book progress and when we can pre-order. how do you get signed copies and a free sample sulpher on Kindle?

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