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An ice cold lemonade would have been nice.

Posted on September 05 2018

I'm not asking for snow, but enough of this heat and humidity.  Came in soaking wet from cutting the lawn (on a riding mower).

Spent a couple of hours repairing some flies that were injured in battle and tying new ones to replace those that were beyond repair or that went MIA in the knot weed and other shoreline vegetation on my errant backcasts.

By one o'clock I was ready to go, but with the temp in the nineties I managed to find things to do out of the sun until almost three.  It was still way too early.  The hot sun and the warmer water coming down the WB pushed the big river iso hatch back until almost four.

Was joined on the big river by a veteran Delaware angler.  We shared what turned out to be a very good afternoon/evening of fishing.  It wasn't that the hatch was great, it was more that the fish wanted to eat.  The bugs were coming off the water quickly in the hot sun and the fish tried hard not to miss any. In their eagerness they ingested more than a few isos with hooks in them.

It's not worth an eight hour boat ride in the hot sun to fish the iso hatch but if you are comfortable wading the big river at its current level it's worth giving it a try.


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