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Posted on August 15 2020

 It's time once again to try to answer questions and this week thank people for sharing their on river experiences.

Jim - I've caught well over 90 percent of my fish during the sulfur hatch on a size 18 sulfur dun tied with either a yellow, orange or yellow/orange body and a CDC upright wing. A lot of fish in the Sulfur Zone now recognize it and are happy to let me know it's not as good as the real thing.

Maxwell - The closer you get to a straight downstream cast the better the chance the fish will eat as he sees only the fly, however, it's an all or nothing proposition as the retrieve of the uneaten fly spooks the fish.  My power alley seems to be the 45 degree downstream angle.  Somehow the depth perception seems better and you can let the fly drift by and make a retrieve without scaring the fish.  The farther upstream you go the more leader the fish sees so the odds of success go down.  If there are lots of fish rising, as has been the case for me this summer I move around slowly to throw at new fish but I generally do not  try to get into a specific position before making a cast.  If there is a good fish rising I might try to tip the odds in my favor by getting closer and improving the casting angle.  Far too many variables at  play to give a precise answer to where to put the fly, wind, currents between caster and fish, type of water (riff, run, pool), sun, clouds, rain, darkness also play into the decision. When all is said and done I find I land far too many casts on the fish's head or behind him.

Dick - You are a man of few words.

Ed S - That will teach you to listen to my advice -sorry.

Andy,Greg, and Kip - Thanks for sharing your river experiences

Richard and Mike - You are confirming what I have seen. NO bugs and  consequently very few rising fish on the UE this year.

Jason - I enjoyed sharing the pool with you also.  Wish I'd seen you and your friend sooner on Thursday night as I would have been happy to fish elsewhere.  The fish in that pool know me far too well.


  • Ed Smith: August 17, 2020

    I appreciate and look forward to your advice ,insights and daily experiences. Please keep them coming. Question-When does the sulpher hatch dissipate up in Deposit?? Thanks

  • Maxwell: August 17, 2020

    Thank you for such a detailed answer. Fish on!

  • Dick: August 16, 2020

    Excellent choice with CDC wing dun . I still fish traditional Catskill style dry on occasion… clipping the bottom hackle makes it float more realistically… excellent choice … also a favorite is sulphur wingless… name speaks for itself
    Keep up good work!

  • Jim: August 15, 2020

    Thank you! I really appreciate the information.
    Just started tying dries and can use all of the help I can get.
    Next year I will come prepared with some nice small duns in my box!

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