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And I almost didn't fish!

Posted on July 22 2016

It is hot.  Very hot.  Usually this means I go soak up in the cold WB water.  The sulfurs have sometimes put on a good show, (then again sometimes not) and with record heat and below average rainfall, it's the only game around. Strangely I have avoided the upper regions of the WB where the sulfurs lure you like Lorelei. (even I don't understand why).  There are some big fish up there but I have done well avoiding crowded areas and my desire to avoid boats is known by all.

The last three  weeks I have been a contrarian and have done well. This week I didn't run into crowds as much as I ran into one or two anglers at each place I tried to fish, doing what I try to do.  So today I sulked - not playing this game anymore -  got out early and DID YARDWORK!!!  By one I was soaking wet and dead tired - took a much needed shower and laid down with a book.

At six thirty I headed out into air temp of 86 degrees.  Went above Hale Eddy and after a long walk, ended up sharing a pool yet again.  The fisherman couldn't have been nicer, stopped fishing to walk along with me and ask questions. There were a modest number of sulfurs and olives on the water and enough fish rose to keep us both happy.

In reflecting on the week, I realized that I had shared pools with three different people, all of whom were gentlemen who loved the sport, were pleasant to talk with  and were at all times respectful of your space and fishing enjoyment - all good things.


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