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And the hatch goes on - - - -

Posted on May 05 2016

The HATCH - now nearing biblical proportions (biblical is one grade up from epic if you were wondering) continued - starting at twelve thirty and going 'til almost five. Got in at the start this time but saw little feeding until I found a spot out of the wind where the fish were on top chowing down.

Noticed something Monday and confirmed it yesterday. Hooking a fish from a pod puts the rest of the pod on alert.  They keep feeding but change locations every time your fly goes over them.  Solution?  Go find other fish - if you want to come back after they settle down, fine but they have learned  -one fish in trouble means we are all in trouble and they become very careful about what they eat.

The weather?  High was forty-nine -drizzle -steady breeze -COLD.

The bugs? Probably peaked Tuesday but today's hatch was still HUGE.

Where to fish? Boaters- With the low release and dropping input from the tribs "Barking Dog" launch site may no longer be a good choice for drift boats.

Wadefishermen -Fish above where the boats are being launched.   Dress warm, wear long johns, keep a handkerchief in a shirt pocket above your waders and go fishing.  You won't see a hatch like this again any time soon.


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