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And we'll be shoveling snow before you know it

Posted on October 10 2021

It's five thirty and both my perfect Manhattan and laptop are on the table in front of me.  That should tell long time readers all they need to know. Left the fishing camp about 1:00 (both the bugs and fish were going when I found them yesterday and I didn't want to be tardy today), and went right to the UEB where the 43 degree release water has had the pseudos hatching.

First let me say this - it's Columbus Day weekend (or is it?), the leaves are near peak, Route 17 looks like Talladega on race day, and the wadeable water is very limited, but it's the 10th of October and the wade fishermen were as thick as maggots on a two day old road kill. When I finally found a place with bugs, rising fish and no other fishermen I had to wait for about fifteen minutes for the fish to start rising again after two pairs of kayakers went by.

The fishing - In twenty minutes I cast at six fish, one ignored, two refused (had to downsize) then three ate.  One came unstuck and the other two were landed (11 and 12 inch browns).  That was it! Watched another angler casting at several risers in a  pool on the UEB which was visible from the road and saw a fish rising in the bubble line 2/3's of the way across Junction Pool when I stopped on the way back to camp.  Never saw a bug or a rise on the Willow or the BK.  Why?  Not sure but the water is probably just too warm everywhere but the UEB.

They have stepped down the release from Cannonsville three times and It's now at about 850 cfs. Was hoping for another drop today but so far the USGS flow line is going straight across the page.  The weather prediction is for temps to remain ten to fifteen degrees above normal for the coming week. It's not good for deer hunting, too warm for pseudos and I end up wringing wet trying to do chores around the yard.  As one of my old friends often says, "If you're looking for sympathy, it's in the dictionary right between shit and syphilis".  

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  • Dennis: October 11, 2021

    That I understand it’s a much better way to express than MEWLING.

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