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And you think a guided float is expensive!

Posted on August 17 2020

 It's Monday night at 9:30 and I'm feeling no pain!  "Well into his Perfect Manhattan", you say, which may well be true but that's not it.  Had an 8:00am appointment with a periodontist/ implant specialist to consult about old number 14 molar.  He took a look at the xray and the tooth and said "The only thing I can do for that tooth is to administer the last rights".  Said I'd like to schedule the ceremony on a Monday as that's the day I'm in town.  He said "How 'bout today".  He's not the new kid on the block, in fact he is probably as good and as busy as anybody at what he does. I was shocked that he could do the procedure on the consultation day. When he saw the look on my face he listed the medical reasons for doing it right away and then said that it was Monday morning and that they always left an open slot for emergencies that came up over the weekend and non had. Was out of there before 10:00am, #14 gone and the implant for a new tooth in my jaw. The entire procedure took less than twenty minutes, never saw a drop of blood and everything feels great right now.

Took care of a few "to do list " items after the dental procedure and drove down to the "Lordville Estate" where I promptly fell asleep.  Woke up at 5:30 and went fishing.

The fishing - There's really not much to talk about. It sprinkled while I slept, just enough to create fog over the upper WB.  There was a modest hatch of sulfurs that got some fish up. Hooked 5 two year olds and landed three. Several of the little guys also ate my fly. It was over (both the hatch and the feeding) before eight. Drove back to camp before it was totally dark.  Will give the afternoon sulfurs a try tomorrow but will also look for fish elsewhere either early or late.

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  • JIM V : August 18, 2020

    Sorry about the molar, more sorry about the $$$$. Being a few years older, I have been through the: filling-crown-dead tooth-extraction-implant-crown over implant drill TOO MANY TIMES! You could probably just pull them all and buy a second Stilesville estate!!! The trout would never know the difference!

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