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Anybody want some very old (repainted) duck decoys?

Posted on August 27 2021

 Yesterday had it's plusses and minuses. We have been battling  flood water, mildew/mold and the need to clean out forty years of accumulated "treasures" from our basement.  Jean's girl cave suffered the most damage as the new carpeting had to be  cut up and taken to the dump yesterday. On the positive side her new recliner couch appears to be ok.  With the temp and humidity both going into the 90's again I got up at 4:00 am, finished the mildew/mold treatment of the basement walls and headed for the Hancock transfer station. 

Why drive to Hancock with a load of moldy carpet you ask? The OCWA, along with many other trash collection agencies have made it difficult or impossible to dispose of many items of household waste. What they do take, they charge you for. IMO waste disposal is something the government should do in a responsible manner at no cost to the individuals trying to properly dispose of items that no longer work. Tires, batteries, paint cans (they have to be both empty and dry ???), electronic equipment, items containing coolant all require a separate disposal fee.  As a fisherman who has clambered down many a bank littered with these items and tripped over many a used tire while wading, I am of the opinion that the current system encourages people to litter. The cost incurred having highway crews go out and pick up discarded items would be reduced substantially if the items could be dropped off at the transfer stations for free during regular business hours.  The onus of proper disposal of all waste should be the responsibility of the government.

The fishing - Got done with the carpet disposal about 1:00 pm. Bright sun and 90 degree heat kept me from fishing until 6:00.  The Lordville flow gage has been down since it hit 9,000 cfs last week.  The river temp was OK but what looked like about 3,000 cfs of water discouraged me and all other fishermen from fishing it (no cars at Stockport or Buckingham). In fact there were very few fishermen anywhere. Decided to look for olives in the cold water above Hale Eddy and found both the olives and rising fish in the fog about 6:30. Had difficulty seeing my fly in the fog but hooked six and landed my "usual" evening four. Was back in the car at 8:00.  Looking forward to more time in the cold water at least until the heat brakes, at which time disposal of basement treasures will again be number one on the to-do list. 


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