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Anyone up for wading the BK wet on October 12?

Posted on October 12 2021

 Fall days don't get any nicer than today. Woke to fog this morning and the sun didn't burn through until after 11:00.  Grass was so wet I waited until after lunch for bow practice.  After a kind of erratic day yesterday I shot lights out today. Actually moved my aim point around so as not to endanger the nocks. My 8:00 am call from Jean didn't come until almost 11:00, she and her sister Pam were in the car on the way back from visiting their brother in Cleveland. Said the leaf color along I-90 was disappointing.

With no further reductions in the releases I decided to take a drive over to the Neversink. Had two days of spectacular Hendricson fishing over there about four years ago and have been averaging down ever since.  Today was no exception. The river was covered with leaves instead of bugs. Stopped at a half dozen designated fishermen parking areas and never saw a bug, a rise or a fisherman. Maybe next year at Hendrickson time. There was very little traffic on 17, the hillsides along the road were in full color and I really enjoyed the ride.

Got back to the BK about 4:00 and stopped at Carin's pool where there were half a dozen anglers doing their best. Saw my first rise of the day in the middle of the pool below Carin's. Stopped at Cemetery Pool for a look see.  There was one car there.  Walked through the Cain and saw a wet wading angler almost up to his arm pits casting a fly to the far bank.  There was also a second fisherman standing right in front of me. He was also wading wet in bare feet. Said "They had waders but not with them and the water isn't cold but man the rocks are slippery". Wished them good luck and continued my drive down river.

Stopped and fished two pools in the lower BK. Same old story, no bugs and no risers. I'm telling this next part because it really happened (not a word of a lie). Stepped into the first pool and made a cast or two while shucking out line but on the very first "business" cast up came a rainbow and ate the fly. After forty-five minutes of casting without hooking another fish I turned toward shore and started reeling it  in.  Bam, a second rainbow ate the fly. Sometimes I know when to quit. Went to the next pool downstream and on my very first cast a brown came up and ate the fly. Against my better judgement I fished for another half hour without seeing a rise or hooking another fish. (I did make a last cast, turn towards shore and start reeling it in - - - but nothing happened. 

Drove back to the LVE with a smile on my face.       

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  • Dennis: October 13, 2021

    I also was on the BK and had a nice day!!!! I hit the water about 2:30 I had the place to my self. Very subtle rises at first and I hooked a couple of nice fish on a 20 pseudo. As the day got closer to dark caddis appeared all over. The fish we’re feeding and I landed 2 nice rainbows and had a few refusals!!
    It was a great day on the river!!!!
    I have to say I’ve never herd of Carin’s pool.

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