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Posted on September 20 2018

The rivers are coming down SLOWLY.  The Beaverkill, Upper East Branch (above Jaws), the East Branch and the Big River are all still too high to wade.  NYC has yet to begin cutting back the release from Pepacton.

The West Branch looks to be the first stream that will be available for wade fishermen.  NYC has stepped down the release by about 200 CFS each of the last two days.  At it's present level the WB has very limited wading opportunities but if the flow reductions are continued at their present pace there will be wading opportunities by the weekend.

The Cannonsville release is laden with silt that was suspended above the thermocline.  The farther downstream you go the clearer the water will be.  The current water temps in the 60's will reduce mid day hatching activity with the olive and iso activity more likely to occur late in the day.

I currently plan to return to the river Sunday for a couple days of fishing before heading to the San Juan for a week.

Keep an eye on the releases at Stilesville and Downsville as flow reductions will create additional fishing opportunities..


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