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At least I didn't skin my knuckles!

Posted on September 02 2015

Had to forego my trico fishing this morning and attempt to fix the lawn mower. Monday when I was cutting the grass a tree root I have mowed over for twenty years took revenge and bent both blades. The job went better  than expected.  Got the blades off and was able to get new ones at a mower repair shop in town (even got an invitation to park at the shop and fish the pool).  Put the new blades on right side up the first time, finished the lawn and was ready to go fishing.

Then the trouble began.  I decided to try a pool on the upper East that I hadn't fished since Hendrickson's.  There was no one in the pool but the trail down the hill to the pool showed heavy use. There were a few olives hatching and I saw several fish working (until I got in the water). Before I made one cast all was still.  These fish, and there were some good ones, were smart. I had every pocket of my vest unzipped by the time I quit. Almost all of my casts were ignored (I think they were eating dandruff or the blossoms falling off the knotweed).

In three hours of fishing I hooked five fish and landed two nice ones and two little guys.  Left at six and went to a spot on the lower WB. There were a few (very few) olives and almost no rising.  Hooked three nice fish and landed two.

It's not the best time to fish the Delaware.


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