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At least I got the Lawn mowed.

Posted on May 04 2017

With the Delaware system too high to wade I drove over to the Neversink ( it took about 45 minutes from Hancock) where the ghosts of LaBranch and Hewitt haunt the waters.  The reservoir was  99.8 percent full  but NYC loves Neversink water and the pipe to Rondout was no doubt open and there was no spill.  The air temp was 58 degrees with a chilly breeze.  Saw two Hendricksons, one Quill Gordon  and a sparse hatch of paraleps.  

The fish ?  Saw two fish rise once each.  Didn't interest either one of them in any of my flies.  Two other anglers were a pool above me (the only other fisher persons - one female and one male - I saw) and they saw six risers and hooked and landed one.

The River?  I did a recon of the six miles of trout water below the dam, saw only the two anglers, parked  at a fishing access site where I saw no paths along the stream, no boot prints along the shore and no one else fishing,  Walked upstream about a 1/3 of a mile. There were nice undercut runs along the bank, pools deep enough to hold trout and in general, "fishy looking water".  Would I go back?  Probably - but not if the Delaware was fishable!  


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