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At least I got the net wet.

Posted on August 12 2016

After 14 days out west (nine on the Owyhee, two on Silver Creek and three in transit, I arrived home at five am Wednesday morning ( Delta computer melt down didn't help the trip home). Yard work, bill paying and other misc. chores took up two days and a flat tire this morning delayed arrival at the fishing camp by another couple of hours. The 94 degree temp and the hay field claiming to be my lawn, dampened my ardor for fly fishing.  At six-thirty my chores were done and the temp had plummeted to an even 90 degrees. What else was there to do but go fishing.

Upper WB was crowded when I drove by so I decided to go below Hale Eddy.  Found both game land lots empty so I stopped there.  No sooner got to the water than the sun disappeared behind a big dark cloud  and the rumblings of thunder and flashes of lightning filled the air.

Threw a caddis and then a steno blind (never saw a bug on the water or a fish rise other than to my fly).   In the hour  I fished five fish came to the fly.  Number four was the chamber of commerce fish and he dutifully ate my steno and ended up in the net (a 14 inch rainbow) after several jumps and a nice run.  The four others took a look and said no.

Still, it's nice to be back home again.


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