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At least the lawn got mowed.

Posted on September 09 2020

Went to bed last night with good intentions.  Woke up this morning to the coolest air and water temps there would be all day and went fishing.  It didn't take long to confirm that the BE, at least where I was, is still fishless.  The water is crystal clear and at a beautiful level for wading, if only - - -

Stopped at a pool on the BR where there were a good number of both ants and olive spinners on the water.  Maybe the fish fed earlier but I never saw a rise.  Hooked a 16 inch rainbow on a blind cast and with nothing else willing to eat I went back to camp to attack my list of chores. 

There clearly wasn't enough time to complete all three task so I deleted the storm window paint job from today's list.  Poor choice, tied flies for three hours and never used a one. At least the lawn got mowed.  Perhaps, just maybe, all my whining did some good. All week Thursday had no chance of rain with temp in the 80s.  Weatherman now calls for rain all day with a high of 76.

The evening fishing was a dud.  Armed with newly tied isos, Epherons and an assortment of ants and spinners I headed out to fish the upper BR.  Got as far as the 7 trailers parked at Buckingham and did a uey and headed downstream.  Best thing I can say is I wasn't bothered (by anything). Saw two fish rise, hooked an 11 inch bow and was ignored by the other. There were no isos, Epherons, ants or spinners. An Osprey came up the river dove and came up with his fish.  Did that little shimmey they do (like a wet dog shaking himself) and flew up stream past me.  Couldn't be sure but his nose seemed to be tipped up a bit as if to say "That's how it's done." A sixteen inch brown apparently felt sorry for me and ate a blind cast I made while crossing the river to leave. 


  • MARK L CELEBUSKI: September 10, 2020

    It always seems like I need to have a coat on before the fall fishing gets good on the BR.

  • Dennis: September 10, 2020

    I meant to say extremely helpful

  • Dennis: September 10, 2020

    Well at least you got some fish. Question. Are you still using a long leader for fall fishing or do you cut back on the length a bit.
    I’ll be on the river this weekend
    Thanks again for all the great tips. It’s extryhelpful

  • jim v: September 09, 2020

    Sorry about the fishing, but your blog is still critically helpful. Right now it is helping me to concentrate on my golf game without any concern about missed fishing!!!

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