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At least the yard looks good

Posted on May 10 2016

Left for camp early hoping to get the lawn mowed before the bugs started hatching. I did.

 Set out to fish at about one - tried two places on the lower EB and found March Browns and Cddis hatching with fish showing no interest. Moved to the upper EB around 2:30 and sat on the bank in the sun watching Yellow  Warblers and Myrtle Warblers catch bugs in the Multaflora roses.  By 3:00 there were Apple Caddis and Hendricksons but only one fish showed any interest.  Gave it plenty of time for the bugs and fish to get together but they never did.

Saved the best for last and drove over to the WB to take in the spinner fall around 6:00.  Arrived to find the wind still blowing and the air filled with Caddis egg layers.  The fish?  No where to be seen. And then it happened - The wind refused to lay down, the sun went behind the hill, the temp plummeted , the Caddis disappeared and all those bugs that hatched last week stayed where they were.

The fish?  They knew what was going to happen and never even put in an appearance.

Some days getting the lawn mowed is the best you can do.


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