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Back in the waders again.

Posted on August 27 2016

Friday night with old friends was great. Got chores done today and decided to pull the plug on the reunion, first one I've missed but I just needed some quiet peaceful time. Decided to return to the fishing camp, finish up some chores and try to catch a fish or two. Did both.

Didn't get here until after four and stopped in Deposit to see what, if anything was up (nothing). Drove down river looking for a place to fish, no room in the inn (it's Saturday after all).

No-kill was filled with boats and wade fishermen, five cars, multiple boats and wade fishermen at the 191 bridge. SEVEN trailers at Shehawken take out. I was on my way to camp when I saw only one truck at Stockport. Decided to give it a try. Met the two anglers with the truck who were walking out. They hadn't seen a thing. Walked downstream to the pool and looked at the water, it was covered with ants! The fish? Couldn't have cared less. I mean there were too many ants to count in each square foot of water and no risers. Towards dark I saw one fish that was coming up every couple of minutes, obviously not eating ants. Put on a steno and when I finally got the fly in front of him he (she really) ate. It was a nice but thin rainbow of 17.5 inches.

It's supposed to really cool down late next week.


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