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Posted on August 09 2020

 Last week was a tough one if you were a fly fisherman on the Delaware what with hurricane Isaias blowing out the eastern half of the system on Tuesday and then a severe thunderstorm dumping even more water on the WB Friday. 

Drove home on Friday and spend a quiet couple of days with Jean.  We tackled another 500 piece puzzle on Saturday evening not expecting to finish it until next weekend. It proved to be much easier than the 11 tiger puzzle that took two weekends.  We did about 3/4ers of it Saturday night and finished it off early Sunday morning.  

Left in time for the mid day sulfurs, found an empty pool and was treated to a good hatch with lots of feeding trout. Got a passel of refusals but enough fish ate to make it an enjoyable two hours of fishing.  Drove down to the camp with a car load of supplies including a five gallon bucket filled with apples. Less than a quarter mile from the camp a van came around a blind corner taking his half of the road right out of the middle.  Hit the brakes hard enough to send the entire pail of apples into the air. Missed the van but retrieving the apples from every conceivable nook and cranny in the car took a good half hour.

Got things back in order, tied both sulfurs and olives and headed back towards Deposit about 6:00.  It looked from the road that I had another empty pool to fish but there turned out to be a drift boat right in the cherry spot.  Fished in the  pool downstream from  the boat in a heavy sulfur hatch that had all the fish up and feeding.  At first the fish were eating the nymphs and then there were just too many duns on the water.  As the hatch started to wane the fish started to eat duns and for a change they weren't very fussy about which ones they ate.

Stopped at the Troutfitter on the way home to talk with some of the TFRs who were spending the night. Some fished upstream from me and some downstream, neither group had good bugs - go figure.


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