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Battey in Lordville

Posted on April 07 2020

Despite the social distancing requirements currently in effect, I have had nightly visitors at the fishing camp. Bats!  One each night for the past three nights. Caught the first one (in a landing net) and released it outside.  Second one (I thought it was number one returning) will not bother me again. The third fly by in my living room was last night (clearly another bat). Spent the morning searching for possible entry points and then closing them up. Have not seen the bat yet tonight and don't know if I've closed off his entry/exit path with him (or her) in or out.

Didn't leave the house to fish until 2:45.  The wind wasn't a factor and the 65 degree temp made for a pleasant day.  There were a few bugs hatching and I saw a few fish rise. If the fish were close enough to cast to, the results were good. A nice 18 inch brown was fish of the day.

 The fishing lasted but a couple of hours. There were a number of wade fishermen scattered about the river system. There did not seem to be the groups of anglers I saw on the weekend. There were a modest number of boats on the river but each one I saw had two people in it. If you must float please do so alone. Bringing Covid-19 to the river community will endanger the lives of you, your companions and  those residing here.

Best advice I can give is -    Wait for the fishing to get better (think last week in April). 
                                              Come ALONE.
                                              Bring your lunch and other supplies.
                                              Avoid close contact with everyone.
                                              Do not use any local services (gas stations, grocery stores etc).
                                              Return home at the end of the day.



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