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Posted on June 18 2016

Have had a good week of fishing.  After the big bugs the fishing usually gets tougher.  When the Big River and Big East get too warm to fish it puts extra pressure on the West Branch.  This week you could fish anywhere and I did, picking spots that were too shallow or too far down river for boats.  Fishing in the morning got me away from
most of the wade fishermen. In the evenings I stayed away from the WB.

The result was a solid week of fishing that was as good as any week I've had this year.  Yesterday morning was no exception.  With the Big River and EB warming up I fished a long riff on the WB and found large browns and bows willing to eat my flies.  For a change I landed most of them.

 Took the afternoon off and went to the upper EB for the evening.  The floating goop that I called brown algae is rock snot.  It's awful as it gets on your line and fly and won't come off.  It appears to be dead and has floated up from the bottom.  The river needs a good flushing.  Anyway, there were very few anglers willing to put up with
it so again I had my choice of pools. Didn't get as good a hatch as my last visit but found enough fish to keep me busy.  They were willing to eat and again they all ended up in the net.

With hot weather in the forecast  it's likely the end of fishing in the lower big river, the big east and the lower Beaverkill 'til fall. This will concentrate boats and waders in the West Branch.  Please be patient and courteous.

Had a bear jump out in the road in front of me on the way home.  He ran down the road ahead of me before turning into the woods. Had to break hard to miss him and tipped the cooler over. Parking in the sun will probably dry up the water from the cooler.


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