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Being a young trout isn't easy

Posted on August 26 2015

The weatherman is calling for no rain over the next ten days with temps climbing into the high eighties early next week.The tributaries are very low and the two year classes of trout residing in them are at increased risk from predators. Humphrey's  Brook has gone underground in places trapping fingerlings and yearling trout. Herons and kingfishers have moved in and are dining on the trout trapped in shallow pools. Many of the other tributaries are in the same condition as huge amounts of gravel were carried downstream in the flood years. When the flow is reduced the remaining water seeps through the loose gravel near the mouth of the stream and the stream bed goes dry in places.

How's the fishing?  Well it sure isn't easy. Today I fished a good trico hatch and cast to rising trout for four hours. Did fairly well on the yearlings but the big fish ignored my flies until the spinner fall was almost over When pickings got slim they ate my fly with regularity. Would have done well if four of the "nice ones" hadn't come unstuck.

Went back out at four thirty in hopes of finding isos (I did but not many). Tried the big river late and found solitude and little else.

Trout on the Delaware River do not have an easy time. Sometimes the Delaware River fishermen don't either.


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