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Better late than never.

Posted on September 13 2020

Watched the SU game yesterday and think it might be a blessing if the season ends up being cancelled - quick. Shot the old bow enough to know that if a deer is within 15 yards he is in trouble.  Twenty five yards - not so much.  New bow is arriving Tuesday along with a lesson from a former Olympic archer! Hopefully he can turn back the clock on my archery skills.

Max - The piece on my short hand was "A closed mouth gathers no feet".  The BR is the Main Stem or simply the Delaware which is the river that flows from junction pool down to Delaware Bay.  For purposes of the blog the BR discussion is limited to the trout fishing section that runs from junction pool to Callicoon.

Dennis - I use the twelve fool long Trout Hunter finesse leader which I buy in 5X.  I tie a 6X tippet on and fish it that way throughout the season.  If the water is high during early season so that my ability to follow a good fish downstream is impaired I sometimes just ust the 5X.  If I'm trico fishing I will sometimes use 7X (it's mostly in my vest for show).   

  MLC, Greg, Dennis Jim V., Dick and Jim N.  - Thank you all for your reports, comments and compliments none are necessary but it makes my morning read more enjoyable.


  • Marty talcik: September 14, 2020

    You do a nice job on your blog!! Please do not quit!

  • Dennis: September 13, 2020

    Thanks for the info. I will switch. I see you are are a avid archer. I would guess traditional gear. I shoot compound. Do you do a deer hunting blog also?? That would be great. Hit the red barn tonight and left with a few refusals and no fish not many bugs or rises. Going to try farther down stream and even the br next trip

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