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Big change in the works???

Posted on September 16 2016

As I mentioned in an earlier post PPL has scheduled a draw down of Wallenpaupak starting tomorrow. If this happens there will be a corresponding cut back in the release from Cannonsville. At present levels most of the WB is not safe to wade. The big river is at about 1650 CFS and can be waded. Both can be floated.

Fished the big river downstream from Stockport and again found a few fish. There were no bugs hatching whatsoever and only a handful of olive spinners. Saw three rises got a refusal from one and the other two ate. I also hooked one blind casting. Landed the big one and the little one and lost the one in between. Without bugs on the water it's really hard to say how many fish there are in a particular place. At present I don't think there are very many below Buckingham. I certainly wouldn't sign up for a float to Long Eddy just yet.

If the water is shut down (at 8:30 pm it has not been) it will be interesting to see where the fish are and if they will eat. High water of course changes where they feed and the fall spawning migration of browns also changes Where they are in the river. According to the weatherman it is supposed to be cloudy with showers this weekend. If you see that the water has been dropped, come on down and see if you can find feeding fish.


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