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Big red spinners never fall!

Posted on June 04 2017

The day came as advertised, cloudy, rainy and cold. A three shirter for sure.  But we didn't get the 3/4 of an inch of rain that was predicted.  With the reservoirs already spilling that much rain could have made most of the river system unwadeable.  We have more rain on tap but today was predicted to be the heaviest soaking.  Looking at the weather radar, it seemed to go just south of us.

The bugs?  Each place I went had different bugs.  The BR and the WB  had no bugs when I looked at them about 2:00 pm.  The BK had those tiny little olives that you're glad to see in the fall but  not now.  It also had iso's and cornutas.  Looked at streamside rocks and saw only two iso husks (it was raining so some may have washed off).  The fish were rising and after getting refused on an iso I switched to the cornuta - they ate it with relish (or without).  The UEB had the tiny olives, march browns, cahills, sulfurs, gray foxes and black caddis. The fish there were harder to fool but did take an olive emerger.  My last stop was the BEB where there were cahills, march browns and sulfurs in enough numbers to get fish up - but they didn't.  Once again I think the fish population in the BEB is quite low.  

The fishing?  A solid but unspectacular good.  There were bugs and there were risers, most of the risers ate.  But once again the fish were two and three year olds (11 to 15 inches).  The only big fish I saw ate my cornuta, made a run and broke me off.  With the temp hovering between 52 and 55  all day there was no hatch to speak of other than the cold loving olives.  There was also no spinner fall (at least where I was).  There were fishermen but it wasn't crowded.

If you are a gambler, I say come on down.  The big bugs are here, the spinners will fall and with the predicted clouds and rain the olives will hatch.  Sometime this week there will be one of those "you should'a been here days".  Don't miss it!


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