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Both the temperature and fishing were hot today.

Posted on June 09 2020

After yesterday's morning debacle (no bugs and four lost rainbows), I was anxious to right the ship.  With the weather forecast calling for two days of high 80's, this morning offered a "last chance" opportunity to fish the BE. I took it.

Although the temp was 46 at 6:30 there was no reason to dillydally as you could watch that little red line scurrying up the thermometer. Was in the water fishing to rising trout by 9:00.  To say the fish were careful about what they ate was an understatement.  In a riff where there are always iso loving rainbows, I got seven refusals (some of them indignant) on my best iso emerger. Finally hooked and lost one on a pattern I've never even tried before. Once down in the pool, things went better. Refusals were equal to or exceeded takes but there were enough of both to make it a really nice morning of fishing. In the car heading back to camp at 12:30. 

My wife is coming down tomorrow so I split the afternoon into quadrants - watering the new grass, cleaning the camp, tying more flies and yes, a short nap.

Evening fishing started off about 5:30 with a trip to Deposit to see if the caddis were still going strong (no) and if the sulfurs were starting up (yes in moderation).  Asked David at the Troutfitter about  the rumor I had heard, (something about a revival, redemption or renewal ceremony taking place near the new pavilion), he just smiled, said "You'll have your day".

Drove from Deposit, all the way to Corbett , turned around and drove back to Shinhopple  before finding a pool with no anglers in it. In paragraph two above I talked about iso refusals on the BE,  well the trout near Shinhopple clearly weren't listening. There was a very, very modest hatch (saw two isos, a few small olives and a handful of sulfurs) but the trout were hungry and ate my offerings with little caution and great gusto.

An 18.5 inch rainbow from the morning tied an 18.5 inch brown from this afternoon for fish of a great day to be on the river system.   

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  • Thomas S Waller: June 10, 2020

    The Blog is the best

    I was at Carters last night not far from you. Threw all the Sulphurs, BWO and Caddis that I had in my box – didn’t get a strike. - but there were some rising fish. My casting may have been C+ but it wasn’t that bad. I thought they were eating something I did not have

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