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Bright sun, high winds and out of control boats make for a tough day!

Posted on June 10 2016

With the wind blowing tree limbs down along the road I decided to head up to the upper EB where you have a chance to find a spot out of the wind.  Found a nice run with no wind and a good hatch of sulfurs - but in the hour I sat there I never saw a fish rise.

Bit the bullet and headed for the WB where boats were careening out of control in a wind that was blowing at over thirty.  There were a surprising number of anglers braving the elements - shared a pool with another crazy angler - we both hoped the wind would lay down when the sun set and that there would be a good spinner fall.  We got half of our wish.  The wind died but it was apparently too cold for the spinners.  There were a few fish feeding but nothing to compare with Wednesday.

Joe did catch a couple of nice ones and left the smaller fish for me.


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