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Bucks are scraping, are the pseudos hatching?

Posted on October 19 2021

Back in Lafayette waiting for the 10 pointer to walk in front of my tree stand. Fortunately most of the weekend rain fell up here and missed the Delaware. With the BK once again at a level where it can be waded and the water temps now low enough to hopefully trigger pseudo hatches, I'm planning on heading down to both fish and work on the camp shut down. Will let you know how things are when I get there.

A tip of the cap and a big thanks to Ed, Keith and JIMI for your help with my disappearing blog pages. It's been 60 years since my one semester typing course and I'm liable to hit most any key at any time.  I tried JIMI's suggestion (Control +Z) after deleting a sentence by holding down the delete key and presto the sentence reappeared. If it also works when the page disappears as if by magic, I'll be able to reduce my blood pressure meds by at least half.  

Just so you know -  - There is currently some problem with the blog page being transferred over to the Troutfitter page. In the past (up to a few weeks ago) the page showed up at TF within a matter of a few minutes. Some of the recent pages, however, have taken several days. Since we are at the very end of the year it's not a matter of life and death that you know JIMI may have found a cure for my high blood pressure, but Dave and Rick better get to the bottom of the problem before I enter the transfer portal as I no longer have to sit out a year after I transfer.  



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