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But will they love me tomorrow?

Posted on August 21 2023

Drove down late this morning in horrific traffic. People out for a Sunday drive (60/65 mph), college students heading back to school (75/80mph and texting, without parents), with parents (70/75), semi's pissed at the traffic and at being on the road on Sunday (77/80mph,), State Police (no where to be seen). Everyone rude and inconsiderate, cutting in and out, tailgating, flashing lights, drifting from lane to lane (texting), afraid to pass semis and campers, going around the turn at Binghamton at 40mph (a miracle no one was hit in the rear).

Stopped at the Troutfitter in Deposit and chatted briefly with Andy D. who was giving David a day off. Drove down to the barking dog boat launch, stopping along the way to chat with a couple Troutfitter regulars neither of whom had seen rising fish. Then drove on down to the Lordville estate to unload and regroup. Hadn't seen a fish rise on my recon drive and was in no hurry to get back to the madness that was rte. 17 (in both directions). Finally left camp at 6:00 and headed for the only fishable water (Deposit). At six-thirty the river was pretty much void of anglers and I had my pick of pools. Chose a pool below Oquaga where I saw a couple fish rising. Suited up, and found a well worn path down to the river (I hadn't fished the pool in at least three years). From the time I arrived until I got back  to the car I had rising fish. Dun eaters, all of them, fussy to be sure, but if I got my fly to sit wings up (I had a lot of trouble with that tonight) most of the fish gave it a look and enough of them ate it to make it a surprisingly good evening. No big fish (a fat brown of not quite 16 was fish of the day), but the rest were all solid two and three year olds. Got back to the car at 8:33, and drove back to Lordville in moderate traffic with a smile on my face.   


  • Ed Smith: August 21, 2023

    Also Looking forward to seeing everyone. I’ll be at the red barn in the afternoon and hope I won’t warrant a bigger seat on the bench. Dennis glad you had some good fishing. Can’t wait to share our respective experiences

  • Jim N: August 21, 2023

    I’ll be there!
    Can we call this the first A119 Summit?

    Jack… if you are around I have some 18/20 Orange post BWOs for you. Let me know how I can meet you.

  • Dennis: August 21, 2023

    I fished this afternoon above the bridge in town. I had a nice 3 hrs of fishing. There was a good sulfur hatch and the fish were up and eating. I landed 2 and missed 2 and had numerous refusals. It was a nice afternoon. A119, Jim and Ed Wednesday the 23 is the bench meeting. I’ll see you all there at 4.

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