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Posted on August 12 2021

It was a delightful day. Why? Because I spent from 1:30 until 7:30 standing in 50 degree water. Even had the heater on in the car heading back to the Lordville Estate. Several showers went around us, one even sent me scrambling back to the car for my raincoat. Tomorrow is predicted to be another scorcher with some relief coming over the weekend. (Do I sound like the DRC blog?)

Shared a pool with Kevin who I first met this year when I was fishing "the secret spot" on the Willowemoc, (unless he was the guy who took a picture of me years ago holding a large brown in the dark by the Hale Eddy bridge).  Kevin said "the secret spot" was Angel Bridge, should have asked him the story that must go with the name. The reason I found out about Angel Bridge is that Kevin and I spent quite a bit of time talking while both the trout and bugs were in absentia. 

The fishing - On a scale of 1 - 10 maybe a three or a four.  There was a hatch (fair), there were rising trout (some), there were only two people fishing an "A" pool (rare), there was an upstream (drag creating) wind that picked up in intensity when the showers went by taking delicate fly presentation off the menu and there were fish that have seen more than enough fishermen and flies with hooks in them.

In writing this, it occurs to me that my advice is often of the moment. On the Delaware things change rapidly. People have jobs, social obligations and family plans that take precedence over a fishing trip.  Unfortunately changes are only for the better half of the time. A week of sun, heat and humidity has quickly changed the fishing from very good (last week) to darn tough today. 


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