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By Angler 119 on 2016-07-06

Posted on July 05 2016


It was a tough afternoon on the river.  Partly cloudy with a hot sun beating down more and more as the afternoon wore on.  There were  sulfurs but very few fish were impressed. Walked over a quarter mile of the WB  and saw but one head.  It turned out to be a fat sassy 18.5  inch brown who ate my fly and let me know how he felt about it.  The rest of the after noon sulfur hatch was spent just looking for a rise.

Changed rivers and found more sulfurs on the upper EB.  There, at least the fish were eating, albeit subsurface.  At least there were boils to throw at, which I did for several hours with very poor results.  When the sun went behind the hills and the fog enveloped the river, spinners began to fall.  It took a while but finally I started to see noses and sure enough the fish began eating spinners.  For the last half hour what was previously impossible, became the norm.  Make a good cast to a rising fish and he ate.

As I mentioned previously, the fish now are mostly two year olds.  In the east branch they are about an inch shorter than in the WB. I had one shot at a big fish and scored.  Had two three year olds (15/16 inches) and the rest were from 11.5 to 14.

Thank goodness for sulfur spinners.


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