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By Angler 119 on 2016-07-12

Posted on July 11 2016

Fish of the day.

As I usually do on Mondays, I fished my way back to camp.  Stopped in Deposit and found fish feeding on a meager hatch of summer sulfurs.  Being a true believer of the mantra "Never leave rising fish,"  I donned my waders and had at 'em.  There turned out to be quite a few two year olds ranging in size from 11 to 14 inches.  Many were willing to eat my flies.  Lost three of the first four then did well.  Several of the larger fish were stocked.  One had the silver color and shape of a reservoir fish while the others probably were drop-backs from Oquaga Creek.

 Either the brook tout's mouth is so sore he is not eating or he was one of the fish I lost as he never found his way into my net.  Things came to a halt about five and I meandered downstream, stopping to look for more risers at any available vista.

 Found two cars in each of the game-lands lots and decided to try the lower game-lands for the first time this year,  It's really a nice piece of water if it weren't for having to share it with the occupants of eight or ten cars.  Walked in and couldn't find anyone.  Had the place to myself from six until dark. It didn't take that long to find out why but it was so nice to be there alone that I didn't even mind that there were no bugs or rising fish.  When the sun got off the water what bugs there were (sulfurs) floated down river unmolested.  When the spinners fell there were a few fish that fed.  I lost a small one, then landed a hot 17.5 inch brown.  A little while later I hooked another good sized fish that thrashed around and then swam meekly into the net.  It was an 18 inch rainbow, thin as a rail and obviously near the end of its days.

Catching a fish like that always saddens me  as I would like them to live out their last days in peace.
Although she was the longest by half an inch she didn't come close to the brown for fight and vigor. Tipped my cap to the old girl as she swam slowly off, probably "fish of the day" for the very last time.  


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