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By Angler 119 on 2016-07-16

Posted on July 15 2016

Fish and Angler 119 split a doubleheader.

With the predicted heat and sun I decided to do a split day.  Probably would have gone better if I had remembered to put Tricos in my vest.  Found some nice fish going on Trico spinners and all I got from them were four open mouthed refusals. The rest of the AM fishing went better as I saw a half dozen fish rise and got them all to at least look at my flies.

The afternoon was taken up doing a crossword puzzle, finishing a book and taking a nap.

Went back out at six, refreshed and ready to fish.  Drove up the PA side of the WB for a look see.  There were five cars at the Methodist pool.  One has to ask why?  There is a parking spot that holds two cars which is just about right for the place.  People leave home with a plan.  They know where they are going to park and they know where they are going to fish.  It doesn't matter to them how many people are there first.  It doesn't matter to them that there have been no bugs hatching there for the past month.  Maybe it doesn't matter to them if they don't catch any fish. There are at least a dozen sites offering free fishing reports.  They tell you what's hatching and where.  If they have a vested interest in getting you on the river they may "guild the Lilly"  but they seldom outright lie.  Take the time to read the reports and go where at least you have a chance to catch a fish.

There were four cars in both the upper and lower game lands lots  and no cars at Hale Eddy where at least some sulfurs can still be seen. Drove up above Hale Eddy and stopped to glass the river from the road.  Got the binoculars in focus just in time to see a sulfur disappear into a trout's mouth.  The sun caught the yellow sulfur wings and it was easy to watch them as they  disappeared into the mouths of at least half a dozen feeding trout.  Did a uey,  and drove to the nearest parking spot I knew.  It was a long walk back to where I saw the risers but I was sure it would be worth it.  I never got within a quarter mile of the place.  When I got in the water there were sulfurs everywhere.  In an area I have walked by twice this year without seeing a rise there were fish feeding everywhere.  In three hours I didn't move a hundred feet.  In the morning I caught a 18.5 inch brown that I was sure would be "fish of the day".  He ended up in a four way tie.


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