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By Angler 119 on 2019-06-16

Posted on June 15 2019

After fishing for the last six days straight I am at a loss to explain where the big bugs (isos, green drakes and brown drakes) are. I've been on the Big River, Big East, Beaverkill, West Branch and Upper East Branch. There have been iso husks on the rocks of the streams for the past two weeks. Saw one Green Drake spinner fall and one iso hatch on the BK. A handful of Green Drake duns and spinners on the Big East. A few Green Drake nymph husks in the West Branch. But I have not seen a major hatch of any consequence anywhere. The concentration of both wade anglers and drift boaters in the "sulfur zone" above Hale Eddy would seem to be an indication the it's over. It is June 15th after all and with global warming this is now late for the big bugs to be making their appearance.

With the wind that has blown all week daytime fishing has been frustrating. There were bugs and some rising fish but fly presentation was challenging to say the least. Evening fishing (7:00 to 9:30) was excellent. After the wind laid down spinners appeared along with hatching sulfurs, gray foxes, stenos and the odd march brown. Fish were up and feeding and the action was fast and furious.


  • chris pitts: June 17, 2019

    Iso emerger that is. Damn auto correct

  • chris pitts: June 17, 2019

    The drakes were hatching in large numbers in the upper wulff pool. Tonight the 17th one riser and one caught on a is emerger, bought at the troutfitter,

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