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Can the void be filled?

Posted on June 25 2015

By now the summer sulfurs should be going strong in the upper WB.
They are not.  Spent  a little time upriver and saw a few bugs, but
never saw a rise. There was also a void of fishermen, which is even
more telling.  Didn't go up to the pasture pool where I have seen a
few fish (all big) but was told that with the increase in the release
last week, the place was lined up with anglers. I don't think it will
be long before the few  fish there become impossible to catch and the
anglers depart. From there down to the gentleman's club I saw one car,
two anglers and no rising fish.

The "summer sulfurs" have provided decent to good fishing downstream
but spinner falls are about all that's left below Hale Eddy.  The
hatch has now moved upstream.  The question is, will there be a good
enough sulfur hatch above the gentlemen's club to lure trout into the
upper WB and provide anglers with summer dry fly fishing? It's  my
belief that both the nymphs and fish eggs in the in the upper river
have suffered  higher than normal mortality because of the amount of
silt now covering the river bottom.  Hopefully I am wrong but, I don't
 believe that the upper river will  be able to provide it's usual dose
of fishing frustration this summer.

If  I find a way to fill the 2:00 'til 5:00 void left by the
anticipated demise of  the sulfur hatch, you'll hear it here first.
Meanwhile cross off items on the "Honey Do" list and be ready to fish
when the sun goes behind the hills.


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