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Catching Delaware River fish is as simple as: a, b, c, d, e

Posted on June 24 2016

There were more fishermen on the river today than earlier this week but there were still plenty of places where you could fish alone.  The upriver hatches remain meager with the summer sulfurs still absent from the mix.  The fish are feeding but very carefully.  They seldom eat more than a couple of flies at any one time and often change lies between feeding spells.

Down river the summer sulfurs are going, in some places in the afternoon and in others not 'til late evening when there are also olives, isos and spinners in the mix..

Fished my new flies again today.  Had a refusal on the first cast and then a take on the second.  Thought I was in for a  great day but I ended up getting more refusals than takes. Five fish ate the fly,  all upriver.  When I went downstream for the evening fishing, the fly was ignored.  It is apparently taken for the emerging "big sulfurs".  Am going to tie some on smaller hooks to match the size of the summer sulfurs.

Monday and Tuesday were two very tough days.  Yesterday and today were more like the last couple of weeks.  I caught more fish yesterday but today's fish were much bigger.

To  catch fish right now you need to:  (a)  get away from heavily fished areas,  (b) find places where bugs are hatching,  (c) locate the rising fish,  (d) put the right fly in their feeding lane and  (e) float it without drag.  It's not hard to see why so few fish are caught on dries.


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